Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs in Nigeria

Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs in Nigeria

It’s simply normal for job-seekers and scholars trying entry-level tasks to become more thinking about opportunities with the maximum earning capacity. Despite the fact that one’s income could grow eventually, it’s also”bad” to begin with a higher cover.

What’s the Entrylevel Job?

It really is whatever demands very little experience and commitment. Entry-level projects are such low/junior degree rankings from the company.

Employees within this type of experience training from senior-level employees and are able of learning at work. It’s perhaps not just for graduates/job seekers also for anyone who has opted to modify their career course.

In attempting to come to a determination on the entrance level project to select, it’s necessary that you check out his pursuits, abilities, personality characteristics, occupation market to understand what’s working and exactly what it’s possible to make smarter, and also the wages of unique rankings.

Project Assistant

Entry-level Average Rewards: ₦229k

Obligations: Project Assistant works together with a job manager, after directives at a service role like tackling details linked to conducting research, composing reports, and keeping job management tracking processes upgraded.

Skills: Direction, communicating, Adaptability, and Stress Management Skills, Time Management, and Organizational Capabilities.


Entry-level Average Rewards: ₦184k

Obligations: manufacturers work in various areas to investigate, develop, and rate largescale, systems that are complex. This will involve improving and preserving current systems or creating brand-new projects. They also draft and design patterns, see systems within the specialty, and manage endeavors.

Skills: Successful technical abilities, the capacity to work under great pressure, problem-solving abilities, creativity, social skills, commercial awareness, team work abilities.

Other technology entrance level wages;

Cosmetic Dentistry — ₦163k

Media officer

Entry-level Average Rewards: ₦179k

Obligations: A press officer would be your corporation’s most important purpose of contact for your media. Media officials oversee a firm’s communication with the media, prepare media releases, and organize press conferences and interviews amongst others.

Skills: Outstanding communication skills both orally and written down, exceptional inter-personal skills, good IT skills, presentation abilities, initiative, ability to market and plan effortlessly, knowledge of diverse media targets, and ingenuity.

Additional entry-level salaries from the media area:

Digital entrepreneurs — ₦93k


Entry-level Average Rewards: ₦180k

Obligations: The auditor ensures compliance with established internal control procedures by analyzing documents, records, operating techniques, and documentation. Additionally, they verify obligations and assets by comparing what to instruction.

Skills: Self-motivation, conviction, and optimism, skill to split your time between study and work, meticulous attention to detail, and a strong capability for maths, exemplary problem-solving abilities, keen attention from the economic climate, and ability to work to deadlines under pressure.

Medical Professional

Entry-level Average Rewards: ₦171k

Obligations: They concentrate on various parts of health. Their major duties include helping the ill-performing medical tests, conducting diagnostics evaluations, create treatment programs, prescribe drugs down to providing wellness and health plans.

Skills: Capability to work long hours and under great pressure, good technical abilities, ability to address issues, effective decision-making capabilities, leadership and leadership competencies, communication abilities, empathy, and a fantastic bedside manner, continuous learning during a lifetime career.

Additional entry-level salaries from the medical area:

Pharmacist — ₦91k

Nurse — ₦82k

All these are the top-paying entry-level tasks offered for pupils and people looking for work and also the wages are contingent on how big is the provider, skill, and expertise. Additionally, these tasks not pay well but have chances for learning and progress.

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