The Role of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions in Graduate Recruitment

Many Nigerian pupils leave school with all the disposition of procuring high paying occupations dependent on the simple fact that they’re preferred or associated with the appropriate people who may help them get utilized in virtually any high-paying company of their selection.

It needs to be mentioned that the financial position and the job market in Nigeria have a tendency to encourage this belief, therefore many youthful adult graduates out of the institutions are ill-equipped. These younger graduates are ordinarily not ready for the struggles after graduation notably in procuring good jobs and acting at work.

In light of this above mentioned, businesses recruit fresh graduates with the purpose of developing the skillsets of them before eventually attaching them to the mainstream functions of the company.

Graduate recruitment has come to be an uphill job, as a huge number of applicants need to get analyzed to acquire a small number of candidates fit-for a particular job/role.

The tertiary institutions which produced these scholars have yet to be able to match with the typical output expedient in the current workplace. They’ve grown to be centered on academic certifications acquisition in place of working out the ground for knowledge and skills acquisition.

Studies have proven that not one of all those tertiary institutions in Nigeria is between the set of their very first 500 from the world rank of tertiary associations. This explains the company’s taste for a worldwide gift, thus the rush to examine abroad.

Incessant strikes, shaky and incoherent government education policies, absence of good facilities, interrupted and disjointed academic calendar, problems of financing, obsolete class substances, and lots of other vices are section of their distractions that’s influencing the associations.

In light of the above mentioned, it’s important that changes must arrive at the tertiary associations to meet up global labor conditions. Tertiary institutions in Nigeria must offer livelihood development services including career counseling, job skill pieces of training, training and training, student strategies, and so forth so that you can improve and grow the skill sets and interests of your own students. This will greatly help establish the degree of professionalism demanded at work.

Tertiary institutions will consist of volunteerism and internships within their academic program. Ultimately, graduates from literary tertiary institutions will are more strongly related associations.

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